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A Brand Built Out of Kindness

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

Susan Brand owns Healthy Glow Airbrush Tanning, a long running Spray Tanning Salon that specializes in 3D contouring & Bridal Tans. This salon has been and continues to be a staple business in the Treasure Coast Area, located in Jensen Beach.

However her story began quite some time ago in Long Island as a previous owner of a nail and tanning bed salon. A spirit of entrepreneurship has always been in her heart and it only made sense that she would pursue it again with something she was already passionate about.

When she came down to Florida and left behind the cold weather NY had to offer, she began working in the medical field. She had no previous experience in the medical field but she had gumption. It was her strong work ethic and drive to always learn more that helped her rise in the ranks and began performing tasks that would normally takes some medical professionals years to learn.

As she continued her time in the medical arena it was no surprise that many of the patients she had under her care were elderly. They lived in Florida for the same reason everyone comes down here; The warmer weather and bright sunny days. Unfortunately, many of these older people were more susceptible to developing a type of skin cancer known as melanoma. However, they wanted to enjoy the same sun kissed tan that the locals around them enjoyed.

Cue in Susan's creative & problem solving brain which sparked a great idea. How can I help these older folks enjoy the benefits of the sun without all scary & dangerous consequences? Spray Tanning! It made sense so she taught herself how to apply a spray tanning for her patients and what seemed like a crazy idea to some suddenly became a very real opportunity. She proceeded to set herself as a mobile station and was able to either travel to someone’s home or they could visit hers and receive a full treatment.

Fast forward 10 years later she now owns Healthy Glow Airbrush Tanning. An HQ if you like of tanning expertise and experience. As the shop continued to grow more opportunities began to present themselves. With all her years of knowledge it was only logical that she attract the attention of many companies within the industry, so much so that she is now Director of Education for Perfect Glow Sunless & their Spray Tan Academy She now shares all her knowledge and techniques through this educational platform. To reiterate her expertise in 2018 she literally went on tour and taught at 27 different locations.

Of course as we all know, 2020 sucked and like many industries, many in her industry took a heavy blow. However, with change, those who adapt can survive. Now back in her salon she is able to teach students virtually and like any business the goal is to scale to other locations in the Treasure Coast. The largest percentage of her clients are brides who want to look amazing for their wedding and based on the salon's Google reviews which are loaded with 5 star comments, its a no brainer that she is one of the best. The magic lies in her technique to blend the tanning solution so well that it’s not only seamless but looks natural. Truly an art if you’re at all familiar with the concept of contouring and or painting.

However it’s not only talent that has garnered Healthy Glow Airbrush Tanning such praise but it’s how they make their customers feel. The experience requires one to be vulnerable and exposed and at the shop it’s all about body positivity. The minute someone walks in the door they are greeted with a warm smile and hello as I was when I first met Susan and Stephanie. Everyone on the team vibes on the same frequency and that is, that all are welcome and all bodies are accepted.

I had the pleasure of getting to know Susan recently and wanted to share part of her story through my own words and some photographs. If you would like to get to know more about Susan, her team and everything Healthy Glow Airbrush Tanning has to offer you can drop by their shop (Google Link) visit their website or Instagram and get familiar with everyone their.


You can also visit my home page or Instagram and get more familiar with my work.


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