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The Success Behind DT Beauty, A High End Salon In The Heart Of Historic Downtown Stuart, FL.

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

It's a Thursday morning and the doors are open by 9am. I start gathering my gear and equipment and the first client has already arrived, dressed in her scrubs, most likely ready to start her shift as soon as her hair gets done.

I've come to DT Beauty which is a wonderful looking salon in the heart of historic Downtown Stuart, in the Treasure Coast. Here they specialize in Permanent Makeup, Hair & Skin Care treatment. It's actually one of the very few places that offers Jet Peel Sin Care; a state of the art facial treatment that is able to deeply exfoliate the skin and infuse it. As of now, they are the only ones that offer that service it in their area.

As I get to the entrance, I'm greeted at the front desk by Tim who co-owns DT Beauty with his wife Delia. The Templin's are nothing but a super chill and down-to-earth couple who warmly welcome everyone into their beautiful business. As soon as I come in and take a look around, their space gives me all the vibes of a high end salon. They clearly want to offer their clients a great experience rather than simply offering a service. What's most important to them is that they can be able to create a positive and a memorable affair for those who choose to use their services.

As I sat down with Delia, she began to share her story with me about her past and how she was led up to this point in her life. Her struggles with drug abuse could have cut her story short so early in her life; yet she got the helped she needed which is how she ended up here in Florida. With that being said, what I enjoyed most about her story is that she didn't necessarily follow some of the rules and is now blessed with a loving husband and beautiful boy.

That same tenacity and not needing to conform is what you can see in how she does business today. It's not to say she didn't have to work hard, she just simply took a different approach. Many businesses sometimes look at their clients as dollar signs but she decided to take a loss and instead nurture her clients which then solidified great relationships. The people that do business with her, trust her & take her recommendations to heart.

Fast forward to now, today she owns a piece of property and a business that she can call her own and spared no expense in making sure the people that come in, feel just as good to be there as she is every day at work. I was grateful to have some time to get receive advice as to what could work for me as a Treasure Coast Studio Photographer and where I could improve.

Finally, I just had to inquire a little more into her taste and choice of design and it shouldn't have come at no surprise that she's a fellow New Yorker who loves a modern contemporary design. I knew subconsciously there was a reason I gravitated to her studio. Not to say that Florida living isn't nice but its refreshing to see something that is a little more elevated, has some contrast and exudes luxury in a smaller town. I look forward to seeing her continually succeed and for DT Beauty to become a staple business within Stuart. I wish you the best, Delia. You certainly are an inspiration to the women out there who are asking themselves, if their plans are too big.


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