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Helping Business People Create Great 1st Impressions & Transform Their Online Presence With Professional Portraits

South Florida based personal brand photographer & visual marketing expert for corporate executives & entrepreneurs who want to sell authentically, level up their confidence and inspire trust by helping their customers see the real and relatable person behind the brand.

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What Do You Want Your Photos To Say About You?

It's not uncommon to go on LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook and find profiles whose images are badly cropped out, pixelated, out of focus, poorly lit or with distracting backgrounds. Many of these profiles belong to business people who are focused on their career but haven't really thought of the benefits of having professional headshots or personal branding images.

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Let’s Talk About How You Can
Stand Out From The Crowd!

Every year more and more businesses are opening up and many of them may be your competitors or sell similar services and products that you offer. So how can you set yourself apart from what essentially is the same business? The most effective way of doing that is by sharing your WHY! Your “Why” tells people a detailed story of what you do & who you are. People want to do business with people they like & trust.

So how can you achieve that? By giving them a sneak peek into your career through visually appealing content. Professional images cannot only level up your brand but they can attract new clients/customers.

Benefits of Personal Branding Photography

First Impressions Count

Nothing is more important than a first impression. Your sense of competence, professionalism and demeanor is a large part of a potential client’s decision to do business with you. Your branding photos tell your brand story the way you want to tell it.

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Show Your Personality

Your professional branding images showcase your unique personality. You can use them a variety of ways throughout your website, social media and marketing efforts.

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Builds Trust & Credibility

By showing your potential clients your brand story and what makes you unique, your audience will feel like they know and trust you

Creates A Connection
With Your Clients

It’s a way to connect with your audience, show your personality and stand out from your competition. It allows you to create an experience that encourages your followers to engage with you.


It's More Than
Just A Headshot

Your personal brand images help to visually show your creative process. You could also show your workspace and what it would be like to work with you.



We will custom design the perfect session for you, including styling and wardrobe consultation.


Be pampered like a celebrity while we get you photo-ready for your gorgeous portraits!


Most of my clients are not models. It's my job to give you great directions and help you shape & pose every part of your body. It's your job to have fun.


With delicate retouching and an attention to detail, you’ll look like yourself on your absolute best day.


Simple & Easy to choose packages that fit your needs best. From basic to value packed options 


Attracting The
Right Clients

Sometimes we have a vision but don't have a clear plan yet. In those cases there are certain questions that you are going to have to answer in order to know what your next move is. Download this free worksheet to help you get started.

Any Objections?

Of course you have them!

"Im not very attractive!"

"I don't photograph well!"

"I don't know how to pose!"

"I need to lose X amount of weight!"

I’m no stranger to any of these feelings and you know what? You’re right about 2 things. You are not photogenic and you don’t know how to pose.


But guess what? That’s not your job! Being photogenic and knowing how to position your body in a flattering way are not traits we are born with. These are skills that are taught and acquired. In my 10 years as a photographer I’ve helped hundreds get them through their fears of having a bad image with detailed posing. I will guide you during the shoot and set your mind at ease. Allow me to make your entire experience seamless.

Just ask any of these folks if they're unhappy with their results?

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Hear It from Our Clients

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"Phillip is an overall great businessman & person. He went above and beyond to ensure that I was happy & comfortable with my photos. He takes pride in his work and is delightful to work with. My brand has reached higher levels since working with him. Invest in you!" 

Jessica Marques, Realtor & Asset Manager

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With over 10 years of experience photographing people from all walks of life, Phillip has has sharpened his skills well enough to make people feel comfortable in front of the camera. His goal is that every client looks, feels and leaves confident after their session. Now serving as a headshot photographer in Palm Beach & surrounding areas. To learn more about his journey & accomplishments click the button below.

Phillip Destruge,

Personal Brand Photographer

With the Right Message, Everything Is Possible

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