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The Perfect Anniversary Gift: Luxury Portraits

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

When is the last time you did something amazing or memorable for your anniversary?

Few are the chances we get to celebrate important milestones in our lives. Whether its graduating from school, obtaining a new career or commemorate a significant year in your marriage?

This is what this beautiful couple decided to on their 10 year anniversary.

They had done the family vacations, the extravagant gifts for each other, the dinners and special night outs. But now there was a whole decade of memories that had been created. A family that was grown and it was about to become bigger.

What a better way to mark a significant time in their lives than to document themselves in a way that was fitting of a beautiful cinematic story and worthy of a magazine cover.

I had known Natasha from a previous job where we sometimes worked together and she instantly fell in love with my work saying: " it's unlike anything that exists in Port St. Lucie".

And that has always been my goal, to create and share something with my clients that is far from the normal, static and sometimes boring photography sessions that they are used to seeing.

I want to provide an experience that will have them excited before and through out the entire photoshoot and when they fall in love with the final images once they've see them they'll want to hang them on the walls of their home, proudly.

I also want to mention that even though this experience is geared toward Women and mainly Mothers that in no way are Fathers & Men dismissed. We show them the appropriate amount of love and appreciation!

They are an integral part of the family and many times may be overlooked or left out because we might feel that this is not manly enough for them or they may not seem interested. However, as a father myself there is no bigger pride than to be right next to my family, holding them close and showing them love.

From start to finish, I want to make sure you feel amazing, confident and excited!

So if you are searching for something new and different from your average gift, please feel free to reach out!

Headshot and personal branding photographer in the Treasure Coast, West Palm beach & New York City

My name is Phillip Destruge and I'm a Family Portrait Photographer based in The Treasure Coast. I help everyday people feel like celebrities for a day & experience untapped confidence with magazine worthy images. To book your session please click here and we can set up a "Discovery Call" at no charge. You can also visit my website or Instagram and get more familiar with my work.


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