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3 Things That Can Define Your Own Creative Personal Branding

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

The world is changing. At times it feels like it has accelerated so much that we find ourselves barely trying to keep up with current events. An improved tool is released, a new toy is available, "this is the smartest phone yet".

Technology has been moving at such a rapid pace that it has made tremendous strides but in order for tech like Apple phones or Samsung, their marketing has had to keep up as well. In today's world: Content is King. Yet one has managed to separate itself from the other because it taps into real emotions and not just how fancy its gadget are.

That is the difference between many successful brands and others that flop. When you give your audience something they can connect with, then THEY feel your brand is more personal, it understands THEM, it can be THEIR "friend".

Notice that I capitalized "they, them & their" because life is about people and what your product or service does is help improve peoples lives. Your best way to be successful is to tap into how, what you offer, can solve a problem for them. What is their biggest challenges? How can you offer a solution? What could they gain by having you on their side?

If we focus on how to make our clients lives easier or give them something so valuable, they will become your biggest fans. But how can you reach your audience and those clients and share what you do, without being too pushy or desperate for their business?

What are the 3 things that connect us all as human beings?


If you can include these in how you market yourself then you can truly grab your audience' attention. Because these 3 things are the ones that connect every single person on Earth. They control every decision we make, what we buy, what we yearn to possess, everything we fear not having, because at the end of the day, we long for love, we wish we had more time and we fear death.

So how can you include these things into your marketing and personal brand?

Well again, think about how your product or service affects people. Do you sell a service that can save them time? Does your product help them find love? It could be from others or themselves. Or does your product help them extend their lives? Make them feel younger, stronger, healthier?

As a Treasure Coast Studio Photographer I know my particular skill sets can be applied to all 3.

But how can we figure out what your service has to offer people and how it can connect with them? Give me a call and I would love to offer a free consultation on how we can help your business grow.

My email is or give me a call at 646-331-8160

And check out some of my work

Look forward to hearing from you

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