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Nicole Bonifacio

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

I had the pleasure of photographing Nicole while I was in NY for a quick trip to visit family. What I gathered from her was that she was a driven individual. She's an actress, model, hand model and also a bit of a stock whiz!

Times are changing where one doesn't have to simply choose one career path. She is living proof that you can achieve your goals if you are disciplined and determined to reach them. Shortly after this shoot, she received a casting opportunity to work with a collaboration between the NBA & Nike, based off the images we captured. (A little shameless self plug hehe). The details couldn't be shared but the point was that she continually strives to put herself in places of opportunity.

All I ask is that I can keep finding the same drive Nicole has in continually seeking progress and honing of her skills, constantly learning and adapting. Definitely, a role model for many. You can find her on Instagram @nikkibon_ or find some of her side hustles on her Link Tree account. As well as her Etsy shop that sells cute book accessories.

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